Altium 365 Security Approach and Practices

Created: October 5, 2023
Updated: July 2, 2024
Altium 365 Security Approach and Practices Cover

The following whitepaper will help you understand the extensive security measures that underpin Altium 365. We’re committed to keeping your data safe, and we want to show you exactly how we do it.

Read the whitepaper to understand better:

  • The comprehensive security measures in Altium 365 implemented to protect your data
  • Altium 365 GovCloud and how it can help you design PCBs and meet US government regulations
  • Compliance certifications, regulations, and next steps in ensuring the integrity of your data
  • The benefits of Altium 365 Advanced Security Package, adding additional security capabilities


  • Enhance your security to protect sensitive design data
  • Ensure compliance with government regulations with Altium 365 GovCloud
  • Enforce stringent identity and access management practices to have full control over your data
  • Easily scale your options to accommodate the growth of your organization and projects
  • Secure development lifecycle and vulnerability management

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