ECAD-MCAD CoDesign with Altium 365 & SOLIDWORKS

Created: April 11, 2023

MCAD CoDesigner allows for seamless collaboration between electrical and mechanical domains and has the exact fit and form factor of your printed circuit board and enclosure. It aids in the ease of adding essential features, such as Holes, Cutouts, Keep-outs, and Placement of Components, through a ribbon panel to your design while keeping it secure in the Altium 365 cloud-based server. Using the built-in version control for your project data and tracking changes using the Commenting feature ensures that all changes are preserved. In addition, you have the functionality necessary for post-analysis, such as displaying Copper and Vias in both engineering domains. The final release package created in Altium Designer can be shared with Fabrication and Assembly Houses or other team members.

During this special webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • How to install the MCAD CoDesigner add-on (from the web).
  • Add Project to Altium 365, and share it with the mechanical engineer (in Altium Designer).
  • Modify the Board outline based on Enclosure for Fitment purposes (in SOLIDWORKS).
  • Add Holes, Cutouts, Board Constraints, and Move Components (in SOLIDWORKS).
  • Show Modifications, Add Tracks, and Vias (in Altium Designer).
  • Enable Copper and Vias to verify data (in SOLIDWORKS).
  • Release Project for Manufacturing (in Altium Designer).
  • Show Comments, Supply Chain, and History (in Altium Designer).
  • Use the new Virtual Workflow (in SOLIDWORKS and Altium 365).

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